My name is Kass Flaig. I would not have included this page on my website, but my husband, Glenn Ohler insisted on me doing so.  I am grateful to have been a home health nurse for 28 years and to have met and cared for Earl Moon.  When I showed him one of my first heart rock sculptures and explained my fundraiser plan, he replied: "Everyone loves a heart".  I think of him with each sculpture I create. 

While it may be clear how the fundraiser helps others, it is probably not as apparent on how it helps me.  In September 2018, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  I was blessed to find Dr. Michael Wang at MD Anderson in Houston and to receive first-line treatment in one of his clinical trials. Through a year of treatment, including four weeks spread over four months of intense chemotherapy, I was able to focus on creating my sculptures in order to continue the heart rock fundraiser and help others in need. I am happy to report that I am now in remission.  I know that the love that I feel from all those touched by this fundraiser has played a part in my healing.  

Thank you for reading my story. 

Please feel free to email me through this website or at kassflaig@hotmail.com with any questions, comments or other thoughts!

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